Government Solution
J2EE Workflow Solution

MK Tech Software and Systems Engineers have successfully built and deployed a complex J2EE application for a government customer. This involved working with our customer to understand their business objectives and developing an optimal workflow solution to meet their goals. Through this effort, our software engineers built a reusable framework to stand up similar efforts in minimal time. Because of our efforts, this customer was able to replace a manual lengthy process with a more efficient automated and auditable process. We received positive feedback as well as employee recognition awards for process automation because of this initiative. We continue to support this customer and will be releasing version 2.0 to further automate their business processes. Since deploying this system, the customer has reported an increase in processing times while decreasing the number of people needed to sustain their processes. The technical expertise demonstrated through this effort includes:

  • Systems Engineering: Our engineers have worked closely with the customer throughout this effort to understand the system requirements and propose solutions to meet their needs. After each Sprint, we continue to demonstrate the system to our stakeholders and factor their feedback into future design decisions.
  • J2EE Development: Our engineers have utilized the most current Java server and client side frameworks to build a robust, scalable solution. We also worked with an enterprise testing team to analyze system performance, gather metrics and optimize the application. As a result of our efforts with the performance testing team, we greatly reduced page load times to enhance the user experience.
  • Software Testing: Our test engineers utilized Selenium RC and Java to create a complete automated test suite. By utilizing test automation processes, we continue to regression the application in minimal time as changes are implemented. This greatly reduces the number of testers needed to verify the system requirements. Our test engineers also create key project documentation such as detailed testing reports and the Requirements Verification Traceability Matrix (RVTM) to map requirements to automated test packages.